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Tell Your Story

Are you excited to tell us the story of your best HKRS experience or your proudest moment? HKRS wants to know about it!

Ever season young runners turn out in droves to participate in their town’s HKRS program. And every season runners young and old, big and small, short and tall, participate in this program, and undergo life-changing experiences. Whether it’s your first race, your first time running a quarter mile, your first time walking a mile, or your first time running a mile in under 6 minutes, the HKRS Staff wants to hear about it!

HKRS invites participants, parents, coordinators and volunteers to submit their success stories to be featured on the website. We want to hear how Healthy Kids has had a positive impact on your life and how our program has helped shape your positive attitude or self-esteem.

Please submit your story to Tamara Conan, Director of Healthy Kids Running Series. Tamara can be contacted via email at hkrs@pattisonsportsgroup.com; or by mail at: The Mill, 381 Brinton Lake Road, Thornton, PA 19373.

Please include in your correspondence a home or mobile phone number as well as any photos you’d like to share. Published stories will become the property of Healthy Kids Running Series, whether online or on our social media platforms.