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Become a Community Coordinator

Join over 230 passionate leaders by becoming a Community Coordinator in your town. Just last year, we launched over 70 new programs nationwide and currently operate in 32 states.

Backed by an amazing support team, we empower moms, dads, and adults committed to making a difference in their community with the knowledge, materials and expertise needed to organize an incredibly impactful youth running program.

HKRS will reach more than 50,000 youth runners this year and we hope you’ll join us!

*Deadline for spring 2019 is December 1st. (Submission of Community Coordinator Contract)

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  • Reward

    Be a part of a national movement to help kids “Get Up and Go”

  • Inclusion

    Healthy Kids Running Series is accessible to kids of varying abilities and ages.

  • Passion

    Share your passion for an active healthy lifestyle and fun competition.

  • Community

    Be a leader in bringing the community together through the joy of running.

  • Family

    Join our extended family of coordinators like yourself leading races simultaneously around the nation.


Joining the Healthy Kids Team has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am so glad to have been able to provide such a positive, affordable and “open to all” community sport program to my area.”

– Amy Smith, Massachusetts


[One of the best moments for me was] when I found out that one of my participants was born with hypotonia, a condition of low muscle tone, and that HKRS has given her a new hope since it was unknown if she’d ever be able to walk. Her mom told me, “HKRS is a definite confidence booster, which has strengthened her both physically and mentally!” Brought me to tears that something I am involved with had such an impact on an entire family.”

– Melissa Bardwell, Florida


Through coaching my daughter’s elementary school running club and helping friends achieve their running goals, I’ve realized the joy that comes from sharing that passion with others…seeing those happy kids running, competing, smiling, trying hard, having fun and getting out there is so wonderful.”

– Ellen Tadman, Arizon


If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to your community, HKRS is the perfect opportunity to get the youth in your community excited about the world of running.”

– Christian Gonzalez, Pennsylvania

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December 1st is the Deadline to be Eligible for a spring 2019 Series!

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