Safety Tips All Kids Should Know

The safety of your children should be your top priority 24 hours a day, all year round. No one wants anything bad to happen to their little angels, whether at home or at school, on the bus on their way home or while playing at the park. In order for things to run smoothly all the time, you are highly advised to establish some clear safety rules for your children to follow. Make sure you set clear boundaries for your children playing both inside and outside the lock

If you are wondering just how to go about it, we have the answer for you. Keeping your kids safe at all times means constant adult supervision. It also means implementing a few important changes and rules that ensure your kid’s well-being.

Prepare Your Children For The Unexpected

Your children will eventually venture out without you or your spouse present. They will be invited to their friends' birthday parties, or go to school by themselves. Or they may go at the day care or go out with their nanny. The better prepared they are for unexpected events, the safer they will remain.

Make sure your kids know your full name, home address, and phone number. These basic contacts will come in handy in case they will get lost. Teach them some important landmarks around your home so they can provide authorities as many details as possible. Practice this information with your kids at home – use your imagination and invent some fun games that may teach them to memorize the information a lot faster. If possible, have your children memorize an additional contact number belonging to an aunt, uncle, or grandparent.

Teach your children not to accept food or drinks from strangers in the street. No matter if it's their favorite sweets, ice-cream, or pizza, teach your children to say no in a polite way and get in touch with you or someone else they know and can rely on.

No Fence Climbing

Install sturdy locks on your fence to prevent your children from getting out without your supervision. Keep the fence locked at all times and consider adding surveillance cameras and motion sensors for enhanced security.

Teach your children not to climb the fence to retrieve a lost ball or other toys encourage them to always ask for the help of an adult.

Children should not walk around the yard by themselves and they should always be accompanied by a grown up to avoid tripping and falling accidents and other mishaps.

Teach Your Kids To Lock The Doors

Children should be taught to lock all doors and windows when at home. Start from an early age and teach your children why home safety is important. Tell them what is the purpose of having lock on the doors and windows and instruct them how to correctly lock a door. If they are old enough to carry a spare key, make sure they keep it someplace safe and tell them why they should never lend their key to strangers.

Use educational children's books and help your kids understand how a lock can keep burglars and toy thieves away. Make sure all the locks on your home are working fine by hiring an authorized locksmith for residential services. Have them inspect your door, window, and fence locks for faults and vulnerabilities and have everything fixed. Consider re-keying your locks or having your set of locks replaced if your goal is to upgrade your home security. Commercial grade-1 deadbolt locks, mortise locks, keycard locks, night latch locks and smart locks that can be controlled with the help of a wireless or bluetooth connection and your own smartphone are all excellent choices.

If you are not sure what locks to choose, ask for professional advice from commercial locksmiths and they will tell you the pros and cons for the best locks that would fit within your budget.

If you do not have any locks on your windows or fence, or your toxic cleaning supplies are within easy reach of children, have a locksmith fit suitable locks. Small-keyed locks, padlocks, motion sensors and alarms could all keep your storage solutions and fence/gate better protected against intruders and unauthorized access.

How To Handle Lockout Emergencies When Small Children Are Involved

Get in touch with an emergency locksmith service like this one here if you have remained locked out of your home or car. They will reach you within 20 to 30 minutes from placing a call to their customer support number and help you get back behind the wheel in no time. They are authorized, licensed, and insured, and they rely on modern-day tools to pick even the most complex of locks.


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