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North Philadelphia, PA

Click here to register online.

For weather updates, text NORTHPHILLY to 84483 to receive HKRS North Philadelphia alerts or Click Here.

We are still working on securing a new Coordinator for the Spring Series! If you are interested please reach out to the director Tamara Conan at 484-352-2729. Thank you!

Spring 2019 Race Dates: TBA

Time: 5:00PM

*Please arrive 45 min prior if you have not pre-registered or if you have not picked up your race bag at Race bag Pick-up Night. We will do our best to start on-time and walk-up registrations need to be wrapped up by 5:00PM for that to happen. On-site registrations are welcome each week, checks are preferred. Wear your sneakers! Thank you! (Please note: Registration is non-refundable)

Race Location:
Temple University Sports Complex
1333 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121