Giving Back: A Coordinator Spotlight

If you have ever been a part of a Healthy Kids Running Series, then you have seen crowds of enthusiastic children outfitted in the organization’s t-shirts running many a Sunday in your local parks. But these shirts have also been helping make life a little easier for some special students in the Dominican Republic. It […] >> READ MORE
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COMING CLEAN: Mom Needs a Timeout from Experience Life Magazine

BY COURTNEY LEWIS OPDAHL | MAY 12, 2019 [from Partner Experience Life Magazine] For my toddlers, ages 1½ and 4, sometimes the world seems like too much. Too much stimuli. Too many big emotions. The world just doesn’t make sense. Aggressiveness ensues in the form of hitting or throwing toys or stomping feet, and I suggest a timeout. […] >> READ MORE
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Partner Stretching from Experience Life Magazine

Put some oomph into your stretching routine with these buddy-assisted moves. BY ANDREW HEFFERNAN | JUNE 2019 [From Partner Experience Life Magazine] For many of us, stretching is like flossing — tedious but necessary. When someone helps you stretch, however, it can change the equation altogether. “Humans are social animals,” says Los Angeles–based yoga and martial-arts instructor […] >> READ MORE
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10 Fest Philly Recap!

What an incredible day! On May 19th, we hosted runners from 55 of our Series from across the country as well as a number of first time participants! We had over 600 runners with 26 parents joining in on the fun with a mile race to finish of the day. It was an amazing way […] >> READ MORE
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Partner Workouts from Experience Life Magazine

Grab a pal and head outside to tackle this built-for-two routine. BY ANDREW HEFFERNAN | JUNE 2019 [From Partner Experience Life Magazine] At the gym, solo workouts are the norm. Even at rush hour, you rarely witness much interaction beyond the occasional “Can I work in?” There’s nothing wrong with cranking the tunes and grinding out a […] >> READ MORE

A Perfect Twist on Smoothies with OnPoint Nutrition

By Britney Kennedy | OnPoint Nutrition Smoothies are a great way to get your kids to drink a cool drink packed with so many nutrients! They can be enjoyed for breakfast or even as a snack, especially on a hot summer day. Smoothies are completely customizable, ensuring your picky eaters get exactly what they want. […] >> READ MORE
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Spotlight: Liam from Belton, TX

Last week, Belton was among the first towns to complete it’s final race of the spring season.  As the runners cross that finish line for the final time, a medal is wrapped around each neck and excitement is palpable in the air. Smiles, high-fives, and congratulations engulf the racers, many of whom have completed their […] >> READ MORE