Cooking with Kids: Summertime Recipes

Written by: OnPoint Nutrition Happy Summer! The days are longer, warmer and all around more relaxing, the last thing you want to do is pull away from quality family time to cook a large meal alone in a hot kitchen.  Thankfully, you can choose quick, easy, light dishes that can be prepared together with your […] >> READ MORE

Are Children Getting Enough Vitamin D?

OnPoint Nutrition  Most likely, your children are NOT getting enough of this essential vitamin.  Old wives’ tales suggest, if your child is drinking milk and playing outside, then they are fulfilling their daily requirement of Vitamin D.  Unfortunately, this is not completely true and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, now more then ever […] >> READ MORE

Healthy Snacks to Keep your Kids Happy

Erin Stagnitta – OnPoint Nutrition  Children love to snack, in fact it may seem like your children have become endless pits, with voice boxes constantly asking for more food.  This is great, and means they are growing!  It is a good idea to use snack time as another opportunity to add nutritious food to your child’s […] >> READ MORE
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Healthy Gardening with Children

Erin Stagnitta – OnPoint Nutrition It is officially springtime! The weather is getting warmer, grass is growing, birds are chirping, and more people are spending time outside.  Are you looking for something healthy and fun to do with your children outdoors? Try gardening!  Gardening is good for the physical, mental, and emotional health of children.  […] >> READ MORE

Happy National Nutrition Month – Eat Right by the Bite!

March is National Nutrition Month!  This year’s theme is “Eat Right, Bite by Bite,“ reminding everyone to eat a variety of nutritious foods every day. A nutritious eating plan packed with tasty foods will keep you fueled and healthy! Remember, it’s not just the food we eat but also the beverages that we drink. How […] >> READ MORE

Happy Heart Month

Happy Heart Month! February’s the month where we celebrate love (and eat all the chocolate!), but it’s also American Heart Month. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S., making it imperative to keep our hearts healthy and happy! One of the most important factors in preventing heart […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Healthy Kids Running Series – Runner Spotlight!

Each HKRS Series presents a Healthy Kid Award to the child who embodies the mission of Healthy Kids Running Series. In Peters Township, the Healthy Kid Award was presented to Wil. The Community Coordinator, Carey, wanted to recognize the spirit and enthusiasm he brought to the Series.   Wil completed his seventh Healthy Kids Running Series […] >> READ MORE

Healthy Holiday Recipes!

Healthy Holidays The holidays are just around the corner! With this festive season comes a lot of traditions, sweets, and treats. How can we enjoy these special once a year goodies and still feel healthy with our choices? Get creative, savor the flavors, and keep portions reasonable! What are your holiday breakfast traditions? If they’re […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Faces Features

Community Coordinator’s Turn to Run!

Danielle Bacon, community coordinator for Havertown, PA, completed her fourth half marathon. Danielle ran in the Philadelphia half on Saturday, November 23rd. However, Danielle was not always a runner. She started running around age 41. One of her close friends got her involved in the Organ Donor walk. It was a three mile walk and […] >> READ MORE

Healthy Kids Thanksgiving

It’s officially November, which means were gearing up for the big feast- THANKSGIVING! All of the seasonal foods and delicious treats may seem overwhelming, but you can still stay healthy this holiday season with a few simple tips! Eat breakfast  Start your day off with a balanced breakfast. Eating before the big feast will help […] >> READ MORE