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Wichita Falls, TX

Click here to register online.

To register for weather alerts, text HKRSWICHITAFALLS to 84483 or Click Here.

Wichita Falls will return spring of 2018! Check back this winter for details.

Race Time: 4:00 PM

*Please arrive 45 minutes early if you have not pre-registered or if you have not picked up your race bag at Race bag Pick-up Night. We will do our best to start on-time and walk-up registrations need to be wrapped up by 4:00pm for that to happen. On-site registrations are welcome each week, checks are preferred. Please wear your sneakers! Thank you! (Please note: Registration is non-refundable)

Parking: Parking will start on the other side of the lake behind the Redwine Student Wellness Center located at Midwestern Pkwy and Louis J Rodriquez Dr.

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Race Location:
Sikes Lake Trail
#2 Eureka Circle
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Course Maps
Click Here to Download a Printable PDF Map
Click Here to Download a Printable PDF Map