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Skip the brain slump with running!

Colder weather, longer hours of darkness and the winter holidays can wreak havoc on your family’s exercise routing, but keeping up with physical activity has many more benefits than just weight control! A regular athletic program can definitely help keep

Brooke Magni

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Tips Tuesday! Legs up the wall!

Runners are weirdos.  Especially the long distance ones.  They do things like eating gels, running excessively long distances for a banana, and strangest of all, put their legs up a wall any chance they get.  Ever wondered why? Here’s you

Brooke Magni

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New Shoe Time! When you should buy…

So, now that HKRS Fall is completed (or just about there…) it may be time to purchase a new pair of running shoes for your kiddo, but it seems like school just started! How can this be?! Here are a

Brooke Magni

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Running down the shoe myths

Running shoes are a necessary purchase but it can be difficult to figure out which pair is right for you and your child.  The types, colors, styles, and brands can definitely cause confusion and you certainly don’t want to waste

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