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Roasted Pumpkin Seed Snack

It’s time to get carving! At our house, the perfect fall snack couldn’t be any easier and comes from one of our favorite fall activities- pumpkin carving! Our regional sponsor Giant Food Stores, recently published this awesome recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds on their website You can even make variations to your family’s tastes! Before […] >> READ MORE

Keep cool with frozen fruit pops

Summer is definitely in full swing, so help keep your kiddos cool with frozen fruit and Greek yogurt pops.  They are super easy to make and even easier to eat! 2 cups diced peaches, pineapple, or strawberries 2 cups plain Greek yogurt (full fat for creamier texture and added protein) 1/3 cup honey or agave […] >> READ MORE

How to save a smoothie

Ever wanted to make smoothies in a batch for a group or just wanted to make smaller portions for your kiddos? Never fear! We have some great tips to get you going. For storing some in the fridge for later… Make a double batch.  If you’re not going to be drinking it within 24 hours, […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Homemade granola bars

If you are anything like our families, Granola bars are an absolute dietary necessity.  More or less, they are an essential part of our children’s food groups.  While the gigantic box of chewy bars from the local box-store may be convenient, they can have a ton of added sugar, various oils, and it’s pretty difficult […] >> READ MORE
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Fruity Peanutbutter Protein Wrap

Finding snacks that are good for your kids, travel well, and won’t turn into a giant at the bottom of a backpack can feel like trying to chase a unicorn, but never fear! Vegetarian Times magazine has published the perfect recipe! Have a peanut allergy in the family? Feel free to substitute sunflower seed butter […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Snack in a backpack!

Like most other families, after school doesn’t always mean being able to come home as soon as the last bell rings for a homemade plate of cookies and milk.  We are usually running to the next practice, shoving something in on the ride, and getting to the next activity.  A squished snack in my son’s […] >> READ MORE
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Snack Hacks

Snacks are one of life’s true joys, but there are easy ways to totally blow your family’s healthy eating habits by choosing the wrong kinds.  Sometimes even things that may seem the healthiest, might have hidden fat, excess calories, and sugar.  Here are a few rules to follow to make sure that you are still […] >> READ MORE

Snacks for little athletes

How many times a day can a child possibly utter the phrase “Mom, I’m hungry!”? My children can do it approximately 3,482 times before my head starts to explode a little.  This is especially true on our ‘sports days’ (a.k.a. practice, HKRS race days, soccer games, basketball games, or pretty much any day in general).  […] >> READ MORE
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