October 31

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Fast food that’ll keep you fast

So, it’s holiday vacation time! Are you traveling or just trying to entertain your children with some after-Christmas errands? If so, there’s most likely at least 1 time that you will need to stop for some fast food, but never fear! There are ways to enjoy fast food when making easy swaps for healthier meals! […] >> READ MORE

Healthy and festive gingerbread muffins

Gingerbread is one of the classic wintertime treats and instead of sugar laden cookies covered in icing, we found a great recipe to share for gingerbread in muffin form! Serve along with some seasonal fruit like grapefruit or another citrus for a super healthy holiday breakfast! Recipe adapted from Super Healthy Kids, for more click […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Healthy Holiday Breakfast Cookies!

What could be more festive than cookies? Jewel tone, holiday cookies that are healthy and meant to be eaten in the morning! Try this super easy recipe with your favorite morning beverage for a super easy breakfast before heading out to finish your holiday shopping or heading out for family visits! Servings: 24 cookies Ingredients […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Defining Exercise

What is exercise? Seems like a pretty easy questions right? Not so much.  In the past, we have always defined exercise as any kind of movement that requires movement and produces sweat.  Sound good? Well, these days we have found that the answer to the exercise question is a bit more complicated. These days, research […] >> READ MORE
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The Great Leftover Reuse

In America, we toss out approximately 40% of our food due to spoilage.  This is an alarming fact! Think about how many times your family has just tossed leftovers that have been sitting in the fridge or scraped plates into the trashcan? Or the classic move at our house is making multiple meals out of […] >> READ MORE
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Staying Healthy Over the Holidays!

November and December can be some of the toughest months to keep up with your family’s exercise routines, but HKRS is here to help! Wear comfortable shoes.  Wearing (or bringing along) a pair of sneakers to a family celebration is a great way to encourage exercise.  A 20 minute walk with the family dog or […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families

Cut back on the Thanksgiving waste

Thanksgiving is here once again! Does it seem like every year your family makes way too much food and by the time you get to Sunday you are ready to swear off turkey forever? Well, you are not alone.  Find that your trash cans are overflowing on Friday morning? Yup.  We have been there too, […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Step away from the sugar!

So Halloween is (finally) over, and hopefully you are coming out of your sugar coma.  Despite limiting sugar in your diet, you still might have major cravings for up to a week! Here are a few tips to kick the sugar habit for good…or at least until the holidays! Commit to clean eating! Cleaning up […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Cold busting smoothie

Fall means a lot of things, shorter days, raking leaves, and the inevitable colds.  This smoothie recipe form cooknourishbliss.com is a great way to get a few extra servings of vitamin A and C rich fruits and veggies to ward off illness.  The ratios of ingredients in the recipe can be adjusted to taste as […] >> READ MORE
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