October 31

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Meet Hadley: A 4-Year Old from Indiana, PA

When most people think of arthritis, they associate the joint pain with ‘getting old.’ Many people would never expect that these conditions can affect people of all ages. Hadley and her family were no different. But, in June of 2016, at the age of two, Hadley was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).  Idiopathic refers […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

True Perseverance in Cresskill, NJ

Avery has always been an adventurer.  Every chance she gets, she is outside, traveling with her family to a new place, trying out a new activity or sport.  This has brought her to a variety of places, from the beaches of the Cayman Islands, to the ski slopes of Vermont. But, in 2017, all this […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

The Power of Encouragement

A lot of Healthy Kids Running Series is about service.  As a non-profit, each year money earned is cycled back through the program in a constant effort to enhance the experience that we can provide for our kids and families. Because of this, our program has a strong reliance on volunteers.  They are the unsung […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Jackson’s Drive to Run

Ever since Jackson was a young boy, people have always told him how fast he is. He was running as soon as he learned how to walk, and running has provided a wonderful outlet for Jackson’s immense energy level. He has always played organized sports like flag football or soccer, but running has always been […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Lucas- A Healthy Kids Spotlight!

Healthy Kids Running Series is all about having fun with the entire family.  This could not be more true for this week’s spotlight, Lucas, and his family. Check out Lucas (in the Orange) competing against all of his friends at the Miami Series last year: The entire family has been long time participants in the […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Trevor- Healthy Kids Spotlight

This week, our spotlight is shining on Trevor, a 1/2 Miler who first began competing in the Mullica Hill Series at the 50 Yard Dash distance. Trevor’s Mother, Dana, describes him as somewhat of an ‘Energizer Bunny,’ always on the go. If it were possible for Trevor to be outside for every waking moment, he […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Mikey- Healthy Kids Spotlight

A couple of weeks ago, we did a story highlighting Jack from our Newton, New Jersey Series.  We had an amazing response from our community, with people from all over ‘routing’ for Jack, an incredible young boy who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. The sharing of his story helped us to learn about another of our […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Kinley – Healthy Kids Spotlight

This week’s Healthy Kids Spotlight is Kinley from the Morehead City HKRS Series!!  She took home first place honors in the half mile distance last fall. Check out as clip of her win in the final race: We are highlighting Kinley not only because she is a fantastic runner, but also for her stellar attitude […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Our First Healthy Kid Spotlight: Super Jack

Your stories are what makes Healthy Kids such a success.  The joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with our Series can really jump start a Healthy and Happy Life. We see a manifestation of this in our runners every single race.  That is why we will start to spotlight some of our amazing Healthy […] >> READ MORE
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