October 31

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Food Truck Making You Work Up A Sweat To Earn Your Lunch

Click Here to read the original article from runnersworld.com written by:  Manon Blackman! Thanks Runnersworld! The Moving Food Truck in Portugal is accepting a new form of payment. No credit card or cash here…. physical exercise only. “Customers who wanted a cheeseburger needed to walk 5.4 kilometers or run 4.2 kilometers. If they wanted ketchup, too, […] >> READ MORE

Three Plays for a Healthy Team!

There are 3 simple things you can do during practices and games to keep youth athletes healthy and performing their best! 1) Boost active time by 10-15 minutes. Keep all players moving by using small group activities or by playing small-sided games. Try adapting well-known children’s games to your sport (e.g. Red Light, Green Light). Teach players light-intensity […] >> READ MORE
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Sugar Detectives!

Drinking water helps us avoid the large amounts of added sugar in common beverages. Almost half of the added sugar in our diets is from beverages. Help athletes learn about sugar-sweetened drinks and why water is the best choice! Collect a variety of popular drinks, such as a sports drink, juice pouch, and soda. Find the total grams […] >> READ MORE
Kids Health

5 Simple Steps To Success from LetsMove.gov!

Let’s Move! and Healthy Kids Running Series share one important goal: to solve the problem of childhood obesity. We want kids born today to grow up healthy and at a good weight when they reach adulthood. It’s a big goal – so we’re asking everyone to do their part, especially kids. By eating right and being […] >> READ MORE
Kids Health

5 Ways Water Wins – from ChildObesity180

We’ve written about it before and we’ll write about it again! One of the most important health decisions you and your child can make is to cut out the sugary sports drinks. They’re designed for the needs of professional athletes, not children, and water is what kids need! From our friends at ChildObesity180, here are […] >> READ MORE
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