October 31

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Taquito Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday is one of my children’s most favorite dinners of the week.  While tacos might not be considered health food, there are many variations that you can make into a guilt free dinner.  One of our newest favorites is a version is sweet potato taquitos.  These little rolls are a cross between traditional corn […] >> READ MORE

Snack in a backpack!

Like most other families, after school doesn’t always mean being able to come home as soon as the last bell rings for a homemade plate of cookies and milk.  We are usually running to the next practice, shoving something in on the ride, and getting to the next activity.  A squished snack in my son’s […] >> READ MORE
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Hydration tips for kids

Despite the dipping temperatures, it is still super-important to make sure that your children are properly hydrated throughout their day.  Athletic endeavors are not only important times to monitor hydration, illness and daily activities are also important times to monitor your kids.  When bodies are warm, they perspire to cool down, but in colder temps, […] >> READ MORE
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Teal is the new Orange

Do you have a kiddo that has allergies and they feel like they miss out on Halloween treats? Or do you want to give your neighborhood kiddos something other than the mini candy basics this year? Become a teal pumpkin house! A teal pumpkin denotes a house that has alternative treats to candy  that are […] >> READ MORE
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