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Defining Exercise

What is exercise? Seems like a pretty easy questions right? Not so much.  In the past, we have always defined exercise as any kind of movement that requires movement and produces sweat.  Sound good? Well, these days we have found that the answer to the exercise question is a bit more complicated. These days, research […] >> READ MORE

Healthy snack tips and tricks!

What do you look for in a snack? Vegetables? Fruit? Do you know what the signs are of a meal? Well, are some tips and tricks for finding the best snack for your buck! Buy in bulk.  Purchasing items like dried fruit and granola from the bulk food section of the grocery store is a […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health, Running

Staying Healthy Over the Holidays!

November and December can be some of the toughest months to keep up with your family’s exercise routines, but HKRS is here to help! Wear comfortable shoes.  Wearing (or bringing along) a pair of sneakers to a family celebration is a great way to encourage exercise.  A 20 minute walk with the family dog or […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Picky Eaters

In a perfect world, our children’s plates would be a beautiful mix of fresh veggies, fruit, protein, and grains.  Kids would opt for a shiny apple rather than a bag of fruit snacks.  Sugar would be non-existent in their diets, and you would never have to give them a vitamin.  BUT…let’s face the facts, in […] >> READ MORE
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Tips Tuesday! Legs up the wall!

Runners are weirdos.  Especially the long distance ones.  They do things like eating gels, running excessively long distances for a banana, and strangest of all, put their legs up a wall any chance they get.  Ever wondered why? Here’s you answers! P.S. This is also a great thing to do for little athletes to prevent […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Step away from the sugar!

So Halloween is (finally) over, and hopefully you are coming out of your sugar coma.  Despite limiting sugar in your diet, you still might have major cravings for up to a week! Here are a few tips to kick the sugar habit for good…or at least until the holidays! Commit to clean eating! Cleaning up […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Families, Kids Health

Cold busting smoothie

Fall means a lot of things, shorter days, raking leaves, and the inevitable colds.  This smoothie recipe form cooknourishbliss.com is a great way to get a few extra servings of vitamin A and C rich fruits and veggies to ward off illness.  The ratios of ingredients in the recipe can be adjusted to taste as […] >> READ MORE

National Taco Day and a kid friendly recipe

So, it’s not exactly Taco Tuesday, but today is National Taco Day! One of the greatest days of the year by far! Let’s face the facts, pretty much all kids love tacos, but they aren’t always the greatest in terms of nutrition- so check out this adjustment! You’ll still get all of the awesome Tex-Mex […] >> READ MORE
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Hot Hydration Tips!

It’s the end of September and it’s still HOT!! While we all know that water is the way to go, sometimes that is just too boring and you need a change.  Kids can especially be vulnerable to packaging and pretty colors of drinks, so make sure you are giving them the good stuff.  Here are […] >> READ MORE
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