Healthy Families

Halloween Candy Detox

Do you have a tendency to over do it on Halloween candy after trick or treat night? We all do….but there are some great clips to get out of the candy coma! Plan ahead and you will have less of a problem getting back on track! Hydrate! Start off the day by drinking a large […] >> READ MORE

Upgrade your baking

Who doesn’t love a baked good every once in a while? There’s some great ways to upgrade your baking game and make your goods a little healthier.  Here are some tips to make your brownies, cupcakes, and cookies just a little bit better for your family! Whole Wheat Flour- for the most part, you can […] >> READ MORE
Start A Race!
Bring Healthy Kids Running Series to your town
We are currently accepting new towns to begin during the fall of 2016
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  • Nuventra
  • Youth Runner


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