Getting ready for New Year’s Resolutions!

by Britney Kennedy | OnPoint Nutrition We’re saying goodbye to 2018 and ringing in 2019! It’s never too late to get resolutions in order, and get kids on board too! New Year goals don’t just have to be for the adults, get your kids involved and have them set their own resolutions for the new […] >> READ MORE

Three Habits of Really Healthy People with On Point Nutrition

July 26 , 2018 | Britney Kennedy Why is it that some of us lack the motivation to keep up with tasks that allow us to reach our goals? Is it because these goals are unrealistic or overshot? It’s hard to say for sure, but one thing that’s certain is that everyone can better their health by simply improving […] >> READ MORE

Healthy Summer Vacation from OnPoint Nutrition

Your summer season will likely be sprinkled with weekend trips, family visits, and long days on the go. Navigating restaurants, sweets, and being out of your usual routine might be a challenge, but doesn’t have to derail your goals. Read on for five key things to focus in on to ensure the healthiest vacation for […] >> READ MORE

Sheet Pan Success: Make Dinners Easy!

OnPoint Nutrition | Emily Pierce RD, LDN Sheet pan meals are here to save your week nights! This cooking method can be a major time saver, and with the ability to mix and match so many different food items-the possibilities are endless. The best part about sheet pan meals? Even the most novice of cooks […] >> READ MORE

Nutrition Check: The Truth on Chocolate from OnPoint Nutrition

by Quiara Gordon Today we are going to talk about thedietary implications of one of the most popular desserts: chocolate.  Many wonder will indulging in the sweet really derail your healthy living efforts? With proper meal planning and knowing the facts on cocoa, you can easily incorporate chocolate into your diet. Cocoa The health benefits […] >> READ MORE

Tips from OnPoint Nutrition- Coconut: Friend or Foe?

-written by Emily Pierce RD, LDN at OnPoint Nutrition Coconut oil stormed onto the scene as a cure all, go-to, kitchen miracle. It quickly gained a fan base touting its numerous health and weight loss benefits.  These claims got a lot of nutrition professionals scratching their heads, as coconut is one of the only plant based […] >> READ MORE
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