9 Fun Games For You and Your Children from ChooseMyPlate.gov!

ChooseMyPlate.gov has compiled a great list of fun and educational computer games for you and your children to play! None of the games should last longer than 60 minutes; if they do, be sure to remember to get 20 minutes of physical activity for every 60 minutes you spend on the computer, and at least 60 minutes combined of physical activity each and every day!

  1. Blast Off –  Your Mission: Fuel up your MyPlate spaceship with smart food choices and 60 minutes of physical activity to fly to Planet Power!
  2. Smash Your Food – Guess how many sugar cubes, salt shakes, and teaspoons of oil are in the food you choose. Once you guess, the real values will be shown to you so you can see if your guess was right on or far off!
  3. Food Hero – The goal of the game is to become a Food Hero by eating right and completing a set of running, biking and swimming challenges.
  4. Nutrition Sudoku – You may have seen Sudoku with numbers, but here’s one with food items!
  5. Trainer – A game inspired by Pokémon (Gameboy, Nintendo), Trainer gives Players the responsibility of caring for creatures who all have dietary and fitness needs.
  6. Kevin’s Build-A-Meal – Travel with Kevin from the kitchen, school cafeteria and grocery store as he races the clock to build the perfect meal. Good luck!
  7. Combo Kitchen – Four foods are shown on the screen, but only ONE is a Combination Food! After you collect 4 Combination Foods, you’ll be able to analyze each of them in the lab!
  8. Dining Decisions –  To be your healthiest, and to look and feel your best, you need to give your body the right kinds and amounts of fuel.
  9. Track and Field Fuel-Up –  Read the questions and click the correct answer at the bottom of the page quickly to make you player faster and stronger. Answer all 4 questions correctly to win the gold!

To view all of the games, just follow this link and have fun! http://www.choosemyplate.gov/games

Which games do you and your children like best? What did either of you learn while playing these games? Let us know in the comments!

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