Act Boldly to Change Diet and Exercise

We all know that the alphabet is the building block for language, but did you also know that by incorporating the acronym ABCDE you can help to ensure that your child lives a little healthier? The American Psychological Association recognized that children of all ages were not receiving proper nutrition or enough exercise, so the association launched a campaign to ensure that our kids establish healthy habits at an early age. 

The benefits of nutrition and exercise may be obvious in the physical sense, but healthy living is also essential to healthy brain development and in turn, better critical thinking skills.  Children who receive good nutrition and proper amounts of physical activity are more likely to report higher self-esteem levels, cope with stress, regulate emotions, and perform better academically.  In terms of health benefits, kids who have good, well-rounded diets and regular exercise tend to have stronger muscles and bones, suffer from chronic illness in fewer numbers, and even tend to be healthier as adults. 

Help to ensure your child can live the healthiest life possible by being a good role model, advocate, and showing them how important it is to #getupandgo!



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