Beat the Heat!

Here, on the East Coast, we are getting our first blast of summer heat this week.  While we are very thankful to be out of snow season, an early shot of intense heat can cause problems if you aren’t prepared. Here are some tried and true tips for everyone to help beat the heat this weekend (and summer) while at your Healthy Kids Running Series!

  1. Wear light colors.  Darker colors will absorb the sunlight and heat up faster.  Also, try to avoid cotton and choose a tech fabric instead.
  2. Wear sunscreen and don’t forget to re-apply over the course of the day.  You can never slap enough on!
  3. Wear a hat or headband.  Not only will it keep the sun out of your eyes, it’ll also help absorb sweat as well and keep you cool.
  4. Hydrate before and after.  Make sure that your whole family has extra bottles of water and is consistently drinking.  Hydration after your run or game is also necessary to replace what you’ve sweated out.
  5. Adjust your plans! Nobody can perform their best when it’s over 75 degrees, so make sure that you and your children are as prepared as possible going into the competition.

Stay cool out there!

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