City Running

Not all of us are lucky enough to live to live in the suburbs with quiet streets and a gigantic back yard, however, there are places to exercise everywhere! City streets are perfect for running, walking, and biking, IF you know the rules.

When crossing an intersection it is your job to be conscious of drivers.  Always be on the defensive.

When running or walking in the street, face traffic and run on the left hand side of the street. When going up a hill or around a blind spot it’s perfectly fine to switch sides of the street to ensure your safety, but switch back to facing traffic ASAP.

Wear brightly colored or reflective gear even during the daylight hours.  A safety vest is a great investment and can be purchased for only a few dollars at your local home improvement store.

Don’t run with music or at least loud music. City running can be hazardous- cars, buses, potholes and other people not paying attention- keep your head on a swivel.

Pick well cushioned shoes.  This is especially important for new runners and younger kiddos.  Asphalt and pavement are hard on the legs and cushioning will help to take off some of the strain.

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