Don’t Leave Out Leftovers!

You actually had time to cook last night?! Good for you! And now you even have leftovers? Amazing! That calls for a guilt free leftover night in your family’s near future!

Leftovers are a great way to re-purpose and avoid wasted food, but you need to properly store all the extras with a specific amount of care to avoid possible food contamination and food borne illnesses.

A few tips about leftovers:

Always make sure that food is prepared to the proper temperature the first time around Danger_Zone_Update_StandtimeAvoid leaving food in the ‘danger zone’ as indicated above to avoid bacteria growth

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold- don’t leave food out for an extended period of time, and toss any uneaten food in the fridge right away

Label and date everything! Foods only last a few days, so avoid any confusion.

And don’t forget, some things are even better the second time around, so enjoy!



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