Healthy snack tips and tricks!

What do you look for in a snack? Vegetables? Fruit? Do you know what the signs are of a meal? Well, are some tips and tricks for finding the best snack for your buck!

  1. Buy in bulk.  Purchasing items like dried fruit and granola from the bulk food section of the grocery store is a great start.  Warehouse stores like Costco are also great options as they sell larger sizes of items that you can separate into smaller portions.
  2. Get organized! Purchase larger bags of healthy snacks like baby carrots or grapes and store them in shoebox sized containers in your fridge.  This way little hands can grab their own pre-portioned snacks and it will take away from temptations like chips or crackers.
  3. Set a snack schedule for variety.  Tired of handing your child a granola bar? Get a calendar, attach to your fridge and put the name of a snack on each day of the calendar.  You can also put the names of snacks on small pieces of paper and have your kiddo pick them out of a hat, then tape paper on a corresponding day of the month.
  4. Plan for the long haul.  Taking your own snacks on the road will help to save a ton of money and keep you on your path of good nutrition.  Pack healthy stuff like whole grain pretzels, nuts, whole fruits and veggies.  Larger pieces of whole fruit will not only be better for you and your kids, they travel better than portioned or cut pieces
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