Skip the slump!

Fall is here and the days are getting shorter and shorter.  It just seems like at this time of year it’s harder and harder to make it through the day without being exhausted.  One thing to consider is what is going on with your diet! Little shifts can make help you conserve energy and might even make you feel like you have a better handle on your shorter day hours. Here are a few suggestions of some swaps that will help conserve your and your child’s energy!

  1. Shift out sugary, processed snacks like granola bars and gummies.  For an easy alternative to store bought granola bars, check out this easy recipe for energy bites that you can keep in the freezer for long term use!
  2. Dress warm- especially during sports! Dressing in layers will keep you and your kiddos warm but allow for you to strip a layer or two as your body heats up.  When the body temp is too low, it will actually make your circulation slow down and in turn it will make you more tired.  Dressing warm will also help to keep muscles loose and avoid injuries.
  3. Choosing fat-free or low-fat items at all times.  Bodies need fat to burn! By eliminating too much fat in the diet, especially with kids, can lead to even more weight gain because the fat is replaced by additional sugar, flavorings, colorings, etc.  Full fat items, in sensible portions, will keep everyone more full, and in the end you will actually eat less.
  4. Stick to a regular sleep schedule.  Attempting to adjust schedules due to time changes might actually be counter-productive.  Stick to a regular schedule, even when the amount of daylight starts to dwindle.
  5. Eat some extra vitamin C.  Try to find fortified options for items like orange juice, cereal, etc.  Keep some winter citrus around, and make sure that you are providing orange slices, grapefruit halves, etc. for snacks and side dishes.
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