Snack Hacks

Snacks are one of life’s true joys, but there are easy ways to totally blow your family’s healthy eating habits by choosing the wrong kinds.  Sometimes even things that may seem the healthiest, might have hidden fat, excess calories, and sugar.  Here are a few rules to follow to make sure that you are still getting a nutritional bang for your buck when it comes to snacking.

  1. Aim for 6 grams of sugar or less.  Excessive amounts of sugar can cause spikes and dips in blood sugar, making you feel even more hungry than before.
  2. Pay attention to portion size.  A bag of peanuts might be one serving size, but it could also be 3 over half of your necessary fat content for the entire day.  Make sure to read the label!
  3. Choose whole foods over processed ones.  A bag of fruit gummies may taste great, but they have very little nutritional value.  Try an apple with cinnamon sugar instead- you’ll still get the sweetness, but with only a few grams of actual sugar.
  4. Plan wisely.  Stash a banana in your purse or some granola bars in the car. Purchasing random snacks at a gas station can pack on the calories and cost much more than bringing your own snacks along.

Happy Snacking!!

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