Snack in a backpack!

Like most other families, after school doesn’t always mean being able to come home as soon as the last bell rings for a homemade plate of cookies and milk.  We are usually running to the next practice, shoving something in on the ride, and getting to the next activity.  A squished snack in my son’s backpack can really be the end of the world, even though I try to convince him that a smashed granola bar or crushed pretzels tasted exactly the same.  Portability is key, and of course we always need snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated or can at least be kept all day long in a insulated lunch bag (let’s face it, that’s still not cold enough for refrigerated items.)

Here are 5 non-perishable snacks that aren’t just granola bars or cookies:

Dried Fruit Slices- raisins, cranberries, or cherries are a great mix or you can make your own dried apple slices

Popcorn- not the microwave kind with the powdered ‘butter’ but try this easy recipe

Mixed nuts- use unsalted nut mix of your choice and shake with cinnamon and a bit of sugar for sweet eaters, or on the savory side, shake your mix with a bit of Old Bay or Sea Salt and pepper

Nutbutter and veggies- carrots or celery sticks are awesome with nutbutter or you can get crazy and make ants on a log for a creative twist

Cereal bars- they’re like a healthier alternative to rice crispy treats! Check out the recipe here

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