Ugly fruit and veg

Ever go to the grocery store and notice how the strawberries are pristine in January and the lettuce has a perfect green glow? It has a lot to do with visual marketing, which has created tons of food waste in America.  Grocery stores in the US throw out thousands of pounds of fruits and veggies every year due to simple cosmetic imperfections that don’t affect the taste or quality whatsoever.  To combat this wasteful trend created the #UglyFruitAndVeg campaign in an effort to combat food waste, hunger, and environmental impacts.

Ugly produce can now be found at select Whole Foods stores at discounted prices compared to the ‘normal’ produce. Another option is to check out local farmer’s markets or roadside stands.  Farmers may tend to have a difficult time getting rid of less than perfect fruits and veggies, so it’s a great way to save cash while helping the community to fight food waste.

Lastly, don’t forget that most of the time your fruits and veggies are getting chopped, diced, or tossed into a recipe, so the slight blemishes or misshapen tops really don’t matter much anyway! Enjoy a few extra nutrients while making a bigger impact on your community and the planet!



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