Community Coordinator Spotlight: Robert and Brooke Selb

Robert and Brooke Selb – HKRS Woodbury, MN

How many seasons have you been a Community Coordinator?

We started coordinating in Spring 2017, took Fall 2019 off to move and have been coordinating since. We have coordinated 13 seasons total.

What’s a great mission moment you’ve experienced as a Coordinator?

Several parents have reached out to us, highlighting the significant impact our program has on their children. It has become a Sunday tradition for many families. Interestingly, we’ve witnessed three instances where kids, initially showing little interest in running, joined us for multiple seasons. Now, they proudly represent their high school cross country or track teams. This journey reflects the blend of enjoyment and encouragement fostered by the Healthy Kids Running Series.

Why do you love Healthy Kids?

Being a part of the running community in Woodbury, MN allows us to share our passion for the sport with both kids and parents. Our aim is to serve as encouraging role models for our children, emphasizing the valuable lesson that it’s not about finishing first or last. Instead, it’s about completing what you started and setting goals to improve, whether it’s next week or next season. Whether walking, running, or crawling, we’re here to support everyone in crossing that finish line.

What’s your goal for the local HKRS program / your community?

Our goal is to get as many runners onto that field as we can and to spread the joy of running to everyone.

Fun Fact!

We ran a half marathon in Vietnam while we lived there for a year.

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