Runner Spotlight: Calvin, Caledonia, MI

Calvin was a member of the HKRS family in Caledonia, MI, and passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. We honored him this season with a special theme week, “Colors for Calvin!” HKRS runners donned their brightest colors to honor the memory of their fellow runners. 

Calvin’s mom shared that Sunday evenings were the highlight of the week for Calvin! His first race was met with hesitation and he started the first two weeks running with his dad. As the weeks passed, Calvin’s confidence grew! He would practice in the front yard racing his older brother Wesley. It was week 3 when Calvin told his parents that he was going to run all by himself and he did just that! His confidence continued to build every week. His mom added, “HKRS was such a fun experience for Calvin and it brought us so much joy watching him thrive and grow.”

In honor of Calvin, his family created a Colors for Calvin registration sponsorship, and five Pre-K runners at the Caledonia, MI Series received free registration this spring in his memory. 💚💙

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