Community Coordinator Profile: Jennifer Walker of Cleveland, OH


We are thrilled to recognize Cleveland’s community coordinator, Jennifer Walker (Second Row, Top Right) and her team, who just completed their first series this spring and had 201 participants. Here is Cleveland’s volunteers posing with Ronald McDonald, who came out to help them celebrate at the final week of the series (front row left-right) Amanda Houlahan, Ronald McDonald, Carli Markiewitz, Ginger Fiscella, (back row left – right) Heidi Dolan, Alex Rigda, April Verdi, Alicia Valle, Jennifer Walker.

“Who are you?” What is your background with your family, community involvement, and running?

Jennifer is a manager at the  Rainbow Injury Prevention Center at the University Hospital in Cleveland and handles injury prevention outreach. Working for Rainbow Injury Prevention, Jennifer gives back to the community by hosting health fairs and other special events promoting injury prevention, safety and being healthy. Jennifer has been running for five years and has two daughters who love running as well. Jennifer hopes to run a 10k in the fall and to continue to become a better runner.  Jennifer is passionate about giving back to the community and getting involved in Cleveland’s   running community.

 Why did you become a Community Coordinator? What drew you to start a Healthy Kids Running Series?

Jennifer said that the staff at Rainbow Injury Prevention wanted to start a Healthy Kids Running Series in Cleveland, to give back to the community. She said Cleveland has such a big community and knew that everyone would love this program. She was made the community coordinator because of her prior leadership experience and her love for running.  Jennifer said her favorite part of becoming a community coordinator is watching all of the kids cross the finish line and receive their medals

How have you been impacted by starting a series?

Jennifer said she has been inspired by the amount of interest that her community has in running. She said there are so many different sports and programs for young children to try, but running is not one of them. Jennifer said seeing parents and children of all different ages getting excited about running is something that she loved seeing. Jennifer is ecstatic about the generosity from the local businesses, police department and all of the volunteers who came out to help and sponsor Cleveland’s race. Jennifer said “ I am touched by the great volunteers who came out every Sunday.”

Jennifer hopes that one day she can help start series for both the West and East side of Cleveland.


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