Community Coordinator Profile: Kristen Skaugen of Enola, PA

Kristen Skaugen leads the Healthy Kids Running Series in Enola, PA. After her child ran in a nearby Series, she started a local one in Spring 2015 and has clearly loved it!

“Who are you?” What is your background with your family, community involvement, and running?

My husband and I are both cross country and track & field coaches at the local high school. I ran track in HS (Bible Baptist School) and college (Slippery Rock University), and have coached at some level since I graduated – track, cross country and basketball. Currently, our sons are involved in community youth sports programs – soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball. My husband and I both have enjoyed participating in races from 5ks to marathons as well as a few triathlons.

Why did you become a Community Coordinator? What drew you to start a Healthy Kids Running Series?
We took our oldest son to another nearby HKRS race and enjoyed it, but figured we could do the same thing and start with a smaller crowd (my son was in the 50 yard dash at the time…there were easily 35+ kids in each race, it was nuts!).  After going to that series for 2-3 seasons, we switched gears to other things.  Finally, another year or so I called Tamara to get the ball rolling locally.
How have you been impacted by starting a Series?

I am floored at the community involvement – both by the kids that participate, the parents that bring them, and the volunteers that truly do the work to make it happen. We have gotten to watch kids beat personal bests and see their joy in that accomplishment, as well as learn how to enjoy healthy competition between competitors.

If you would like to get in touch with Kristen, you can email her at:

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