What is clean eating?

So called “clean eating” is a buzz phrase that has been making its way through social media circles and has recently become part of the vernacular, BUT there are some issues that create red flags for nutritionists.

First, in a recent article written by nutritionist Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, it was noted that “One issue with clean eating is that it implies that some foods are “dirty”. Depending on the particular strain of clean eating, dirty foods could be fruits and vegetables that aren’t organic or, in even stricter definitions, anything from a box or package. For some people, clean eating means eliminating entire food groups like dairy or grains.”

Clean eating does not (and simply cannot) mean that every box item or packaged piece of food is bad for you.  Healthy whole grains, dairy (or non-dairy) items are a necessary part of the diet.

Clean eating can also be a trigger for disordered eating.  Is it a good idea to have fries and burgers every day? No way! But when a food comes with a connotation of being ‘bad’ this can be the first step towards a phobia or eating disorder.  Everything in moderation is key, and by setting a good example for your children, you will help to lead them on the path to a lifetime of good health!

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