5 Ways Water Wins – from ChildObesity180

We’ve written about it before and we’ll write about it again! One of the most important health decisions you and your child can make is to cut out the sugary sports drinks. They’re designed for the needs of professional athletes, not children, and water is what kids need! From our friends at ChildObesity180, here are “Five Ways Water Wins!”

1) It keeps kids hydrated. 
Drinking water throughout the day, especially before, during, and after practices and games, is the best way to keep players hydrated to perform their best.

2) Doctors recommend it.
Some coaches and parents think that the electrolytes in sports drinks are important for youth athletes, but the fact is, kids don’t need sports drinks and doctors recommend water.* Sports drinks were developed for professional athletes to help prevent severe dehydration and improve performance during extended competition. Kids don’t have the same needs.

3) It beats out sugary beverages.
When kids stick to water, they avoid the large amounts of added sugar in drinks like iced teas, fruit drinks, and sports drinks. Added sugar provides no nutritional benefit, and it’s a big culprit in unhealthy weight gain.

4) It’s kid friendly.
Studies show that when water is in plain sight, kids drink more. Make sure your athlete has a water bottle with them throughout the day so they can come to practices and games well hydrated. Athletes should bring at least 2 full water bottles to every practice and game so they don’t run out. Consider volunteering to bring extra water for the team, so every player can refill.

5) It’s free.
Sticking to tap water saves money and time at the store. For a simple, inexpensive twist to plain water, try adding fresh or frozen fruit, like lime wedges or frozen berries!

For a great printable graphic of the information, including how much water your kids should be drinking and when they should drink it, visit this link:



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