Beat the winter blues

Ugh.  If you are in the North East, like we are, you are starting to get the first glimpse of winter this week.  There’s a lot to love about colder temperatures; snow, the holidays, and winter sports, but the grey, wet, and cold days can lead to boredom for your kiddos.  One great way to keep them occupied is to start an indoor exercise program! Here are some ideas to get your family moving while being stuck in the house…

  1. Create a scavenger and exercise hunt.  Hide clues around the house that will lead kids through a maze to a prize, but stipulate that they only get to open the clue if they perform a variety of exercises like 10 jumping jacks, or 15 frog jumps.
  2. Balloon Paddle ball – glue a plastic spoon on to the back of a paper plate and use this ‘paddle’.  Try to see how may times you can volley a balloon back and forth.
  3. Flashlight hide and seek- This is a great night time game.  Turn out the lights and have the ‘seeker’ use a flashlight to tag the ‘hiders’
  4. Create an indoor mini golf.  Upcycle cardboard boxes to make ramps and turn plastic cups sideways to make the holes.  You can even make a team tournament and join your kids in the mix!
  5. Animal Charades! Write animal names or draw pictures of animals on note cards and let your kids pick them out of a hat and take turns acting like the animal.  It’s a great and silly way to get the wiggles out!


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