Benefits of 60 minutes!

It’s common knowledge that regular exercise can help to maintain healthy weight, prevent common diseases, and help to get kids in shape, but did you know that there are many proven long term benefits of getting excited about exercising early?

Kids that exercise at least 60 minutes combined per day are more likely to be better critical thinkers than kids that don’t receive that amount of moving time. Studies show that people who exercise more are sharper mentally. The effects may be almost immediate. One study found that kids scored higher on math and reading comprehension tests after exercising for 20 minutes.

Confidence is also directly impacted by exercise. Studies have found that kids who do athletics are more confident. In turn, that confidence may improve their academic performance, too. Active kids tend to get better grades. Though there could be a lot of reasons for that, including brain benefits, part of it may be better self-confidence.

Sleep is also a huge factor! Kids that regularly exercise get better sleep and this directly impacts their performance in school, overall mood, and ability to stabilize their emotions.  All of these are key to school and general life success.

Exercising early in life and creating healthy habits are the best way to ensure a healthy life!



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