Healthy Kids Running Series How-to Guide

So, it’s your first Healthy Kids Running Series? Awesome! We are glad to have you!

In case you didn’t know, HKRS started in 2009 in West Chester, Pennsylvania as a community outreach program for Pattison Sports Group.  The races were so popular, locations began to expand across the country and for this spring season we will have over 140 race sites in over 25 states! HKRS is a series of 5 weeks of races for kids age 2-14. Kids that are registered for all 5 race days receive a t-shirt, goodie bag, and finisher medal.  Points are also awarded based on finishing place and kids with the highest point value in their division receive a trophy!

To make HKRS the best experience there are a few things you can do as a parent:

  1. Arrive early.  Give your kiddo plenty of time to hang out with the other racers, stretch, and warm up.  Rushing to the race can make the whole thing overwhelming.
  2. Cheer for all of the races.  This is a great example to set for your kids.  Of course everyone cheers for the leaders, but the kids at the back of the pack are putting in just as much effort.
  3. Be a little crazy, but not too crazy.  Bring a cowbell or make a sign.  Wear a HKRS mom or dad shirt! Your kid may think you’re a lunatic now, but it’s the little stuff that they will remember!
  4. Train along with them.  Maybe it’s just a jog around the block or races in the backyard, but being a part of the journey!
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