HKRS Partners with Florida Kid Care for 10 Fest Orlando

[On behalf of Florida Kid Care]

Are you paying too much for health insurance for your family? Many families can’t find affordable options and feel forced to go without. In fact, did you know there are 325,000 children in Florida who don’t have health coverage? 25,000 of those children live locally in Orange County.

But Florida KidCare is here to help! Under the KidCare brand, Florida offers four unique insurance programs (Medicaid, Florida Healthy Kids, MediKids, and the Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan) to give children greater access to affordable health and dental insurance. This one-of-a-kind approach ensures a seamless continuum of coverage for Florida’s children from birth through the age 18.

Our vision is for all of Florida’s children to have quality comprehensive health care services.  The coverage we provide grants your child access to the services they need at each stage of growth and development.

Estimate your monthly premium for Florida KidCare coverage in 60-seconds or less by clicking the “eligibility calculator” button on The best part? There’s no open enrollment period – you can apply and enroll year-round!

Most families enrolled in our programs pay nothing to as little as $15 to $20 a month. Every child deserves to be covered, and every parent deserves that piece of mind. Check us out today at

Every child deserves to be covered, and every parent deserves that peace of mind. We got you covered.

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