Nuventra Pharma Sciences Partners with HKRS as Official National Sponsor

A leader in drug development consulting, Nuventra leadership finds synergies in partnership with Healthy Kids Running Series

Thornton, PA (February 28, 2017) – Healthy Kids Running Series (“HKRS”) announces a new national partnership with Nuventra Pharma Sciences, experts in clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetic analysis, for 2017.

Nuventra Pharma Sciences provides the pharmaceutical industry with leading expertise about how their drugs affect the body, and how the body affects their drugs.  Nuventra’s ability to translate complex data into actionable insights across the entire drug development process, and in every major therapeutic area, is what makes Nuventra unique.

Healthy Kids Running Series’ Founder and President Jeff Long created HKRS to motivate kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  Nuventra’s leadership and commitment to modern medicine aligns with HKRS’s mission to make our communities healthier places to live.

“Nuventra Pharma Sciences’ Chief Operating Officer, M. Alexander Shaw, Ph.D., has been a Volunteer Advisory Board Member for Healthy Kids Running Series for the past two years,” said Mr. Long.  “We value Dr. Shaw’s personal contribution to our program and Nuventra’s financial support as we head into 2017!”

“As a company committed to improving human health, Nuventra’s mission aligns well with that of the Healthy Kids Running Series.  As part of the role of being a responsible corporate citizen, we are continually looking for opportunities to work with organizations like HKRS. We’re excited about this opportunity to support healthy living from the ground up,” says Dr. Shaw.

The partnership includes Nuventra branding at all 140+ HKRS locations, as well as digital marketing and promotion.

Spring of 2017 marks the 15th season of HKRS, since its inception in 2009 in West Chester, PA.  Healthy Kids Running Series will be offered in over 140 locations across thirty states, the largest season to date for HKRS.  Most races start the weekend of April 1-2, 2017.

About Healthy Kids Running Series & Pattison Sports Group
The Healthy Kids Running Series is a non-profit program founded in 2009 to combat increasing rates of childhood obesity through the introduction of running. HKRS began in West Chester, PA and is now in over 140 communities across 30 states. HKRS is its own non-profit entity managed by the Pattison Sports Group, Philadelphia’s premier sports marketing firm specializing in Corporate Consulting, Property Representation and Event Management.  For more information please visit

About Nuventra Pharma Sciences
Founded in 2008, Nuventra is home to the largest collection of clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetic experts in the industry, many of whom have 15-30 years of experience. Nuventra operate a flexible business structure that attracts leading scientists and enables them to quickly & seamlessly integrate with its clients’ R&D groups. Nuventra supports its team with a robust corporate infrastructure, proven processes, innovative technology solutions, and validated SOPs. For more information, please visit

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