How to save a smoothie

Ever wanted to make smoothies in a batch for a group or just wanted to make smaller portions for your kiddos? Never fear! We have some great tips to get you going.

For storing some in the fridge for later…

Make a double batch.  If you’re not going to be drinking it within 24 hours, just re-freeze so the fruits and veggies don’t go funky.

Store the extra in a glass container with an air-tight lid.  A container like a Mason jar is perfect- especially with a BPA free lid (which can easily be purchased at a kitchen supply store or on Amazon).

Add a little lemon or other citrus.  The acidic juice will help keep the color looking ‘normal’ and prevent your smoothie from turning brown or oxidizing.

Separation is normal! More juice-like smoothies can just be shaken to re-combine the ingredients, or the ingredients can be re-blended with some additional ice, Greek yogurt, or frozen yogurt for a creamier texture.

Enjoy this healthy snack alternative and stay cool while you #getupandgo

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