Tips Tuesday! Legs up the wall!

Runners are weirdos.  Especially the long distance ones.  They do things like eating gels, running excessively long distances for a banana, and strangest of all, put their legs up a wall any chance they get.  Ever wondered why? Here’s you answers!

P.S. This is also a great thing to do for little athletes to prevent soreness!!

  1. Improved digestion! Banish exercise induced tummy issues! Movement in the abdomen helps to massage the intestines, which boosts digestion and fights constipation. Your appetite may increase as well due to better (and quicker) elimination of digested food.
  2. Promotion of circulation.  Putting your feet above your head, without engaging in some kind of weird acro-yoga position helps to re-route circulation.  The lymphatic system can also get a great flush!
  3. Legs, hips, and back stretch out.  All day long you are putting pressure on your spine, legs, and hips, so let them take a break! By spending a few minutes in an inverted position.  Only start with a few  minutes of inversion, and never lock your knees.  Build up to 10-15 minutes for maximum relief!
  4. Inversion may reduce stress and anxiety.  Clearing the mind and focusing on stretching can help to ease stressful thoughts! Take a few minutes and just breathe!


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