Fast food that’ll keep you fast

So, it’s holiday vacation time! Are you traveling or just trying to entertain your children with some after-Christmas errands? If so, there’s most likely at least 1 time that you will need to stop for some fast food, but never >> READ MORE
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Reindeer Games!

Merry Almost Christmas! Once the presents have been opened, and dinner has been consumed..what are you going to do? It’s family game time! Here are some links and great ideas from scouring Pinterest! Knock down the Santa cups: Click Here >> READ MORE
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Defining Exercise

What is exercise? Seems like a pretty easy questions right? Not so much.  In the past, we have always defined exercise as any kind of movement that requires movement and produces sweat.  Sound good? Well, these days we have found >> READ MORE
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Ankle health

Have you ever twisted your ankle, been able to shake it off during the moment, and then for days and days it keeps hurting? Ugh,  yes, we have all been there and done that.  Ankles are a complex joint  that >> READ MORE