Eco-friendly exercise

Exercise is a great way to get outside and enjoy your day, but there are a few tips to make physical activity a little more Earth-friendly!

Purchase re-usable water bottles rather than disposable plastic bottles.  Plastic bottles can take decades to decompose in landfills, and even if recycled, energy is still utilized to break down the bottles.  Look for BPA free reusable plastic bottles, and hand or dish wash as recommended by the manufacturer.

Purchase used sporting equipment and bicycles.  Children grow out of bikes very quickly, so looking for a second hand bike can save you a lot of money  and also relieves some of the environmental impact of manufacturing.  Also, when purchasing yoga mats, or playground balls, keep an eye out for ones that are produced from environmentally friendly materials or recycled materials.

Get outside! Skip the indoor stationary bike or treadmill and enjoy the day! Indoor exercise equipment uses precious energy, which you can save by enjoying your workout outside.

Make your own nutrition bars! By making your own bars, not only are you cutting out waste associated with packaging, you can also ensure that your family is getting some great nutritional bang for your buck.  Try these peanut butter and chocolate protein bars from Ambitious Kitchen’s website!

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