October 31

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Stretching and Warming Up: Essential Steps for Active Kids

At Healthy Kids Running Series, we’re all about nurturing young runners! Whether they’re sprinting in an HKRS race, kicking soccer balls, grooving to music, or monkeying around on the bars, one thing remains non-negotiable: stretching and warming up.  Why do these practices matter? Let’s break it down: Safety First: Proper warm-ups reduce the risk of […] >> READ MORE
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deals for dads from Lidl

If the dad in your life loves a good deal, just wait until they take a trip to Lidl, a proud partner of the Healthy Kids Running Series! Lidl sells high-quality groceries at super low prices. When we say super low, we mean super low. P.S.–there’s still time to snag an out-of-this-world Father’s Day gift […] >> READ MORE
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Outdoor Fall Activities and Snacks

September is a time for new beginnings, cooler weather, and fun outdoor Fall activities like apple picking!  Apple picking is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy together exploring the outdoors, gathering a nutritious snack! Did you know? Apples are one of the worlds most popular fruits.  They are high in fiber, vitamin […] >> READ MORE
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COMING CLEAN: Mom Needs a Timeout from Experience Life Magazine

BY COURTNEY LEWIS OPDAHL | MAY 12, 2019 [from Partner Experience Life Magazine] For my toddlers, ages 1½ and 4, sometimes the world seems like too much. Too much stimuli. Too many big emotions. The world just doesn’t make sense. Aggressiveness ensues in the form of hitting or throwing toys or stomping feet, and I suggest a timeout. […] >> READ MORE
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HKRS Partners with Florida Kid Care for 10 Fest Orlando

[On behalf of Florida Kid Care] Are you paying too much for health insurance for your family? Many families can’t find affordable options and feel forced to go without. In fact, did you know there are 325,000 children in Florida who don’t have health coverage? 25,000 of those children live locally in Orange County. But […] >> READ MORE
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A New Partnership with Experience Life Magazine

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Experience Life Magazine! They are an award-winning whole-life health and fitness magazine dedicated to empowering people to become their healthiest selves. Our missions to bring healthy lifestyles to our communities align closely in every capacity.  Health is just as much about mental well-being as it is […] >> READ MORE
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