10-Seconds Extends Partnership

Hickory Brands, Inc. and 10-Seconds Renew Shoe Lace Partnership and Announce Beo Bands’ Charitable Donation
All Youth Runners to Receive HKRS Shoe Laces from 10-Seconds in 2015

Thornton, PA (January 12, 2015) – Healthy Kids Running Series (“HKRS”) is pleased to renew its 2015 partnership with 10-Seconds, a division of Hickory Brands, Inc and the leading manufacturer and supplier of foot care and athletic related products.  Initially a shoelace company, 10-Seconds will extend their partnership with HKRS by providing all runners in 2015 with a pair of Healthy Kids Running Series branded laces.

Additionally, Hickory Brands’ mission is to celebrate the goodness of life, and spread that goodness across the nation. Therefore Hickory Brands has agreed to donate a portion of Beo Brands sales to Healthy Kids Running Series and other charitable beneficiaries including those dedicated to Children’s Cancer Research, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and Recovering/Injured Veterans.

“2014 was the first year of our partnership with Josh and Hickory Brands and it’s been wonderful” said Scott Ely, Vice President of HKRS’ Operations. “The shoelaces were a huge hit with our participants and I’m sure they’ll be excited to receive a fresh new pair this spring! Further, we couldn’t be more thrilled that they’ve chosen to donate a portion of their Beo Bands sales to Healthy Kids. It’s clear that the Beo Bands’ leadership sees value in the opportunity Healthy Kids Running Series provides and it wouldn’t be possible without benefactors like Hickory Brands.”

“10-Seconds and Hickory Brands are proud to be partnered with the HKRS in the fight against child obesity. Reaching out to our youth as soon as possible on how to lead a healthy lifestyle is very important. There’s no better way to do that than through running.  I’m looking forward to working with HKRS on this great cause.” Josh Higgins, President, Hickory Brands Inc.

This spring marks the 11th series of HKRS, since its 2009 inception in West Chester, PA. In April, Healthy Kids Running Series will be offered in 75+ locations across twenty states and Puerto Rico, the largest season to date for HKRS.

About Healthy Kids Running Series & Pattison Sports Group
The Healthy Kids Running Series is a non-profit program founded in 2009 to combat increasing rates of childhood obesity through the introduction of running. HKRS began in West Chester, PA and is now in over 75 communities across 20 states and Puerto Rico. HKRS is its own non-profit entity managed by the Pattison Sports Group, Philadelphia’s premier sports marketing firm specializing in Corporate Consulting, Property Representation and Event Management.  For more information please visit www.HealthyKidsRunningSeries.org or www.PattisonSportsGroup.com.

About Hickory Brands and 10-Seconds
Hickory Brands is celebrating its 90th anniversary of manufacturing in Hickory, NC. Its 10-Seconds division is a leading manufacturer and supplier of foot care and athletic related products.


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