HKRS Featured Community Coordinator from Paramus, NJ

Peter Kantzilieris is our Community Coordinator from our Paramus, NJ Series and we are very excited to take the opportunity to introduce him to the national HKRS family!

Peter decided to become a Coordinator because he wanted to help kids in his community lead a healthy life.  Peter directly has seen the positive impacts of running and healthy living through his own experience from starting to run in high school.  He notes that he loves how HKRS feels like a family and he loves working with his community of families and runners to achieve a common goal.  In Paramus, families root one another on and even jump in when there’s a lack of volunteers.

Peter’s advice for other coordinators is to start planning early! He says that HKRS is great because you aren’t pressured or stressed to have a specific number of participants- it’s all in what you make it.  He is already looking forward to next fall and the excitement is growing in his community!

Thanks so much for all you do and we are looking forward to another awesome HKRS Paramus season!

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