Motivation minutes for 2017

It’s cold, dark, and snowy (or something like that if you are lucky enough to live in the south)- so how in the world are you going to get your family motivated to stay active this winter?

Start with a goal.  Use a big event like the Healthy Kids Running Series and create a count down to the big day.  It can be something as easy as making a count down on a calendar or go super hi-tech and make a countdown clock on your Facebook page or computer.  There are a lot of free apps to do this!

See the progress. Give each member of your family a nickel or small trinket to add to a jar for each workout, lap around the track, or other measurable amount of exercise.  As the jar fills, it will show everyone a visualization of their activities.  This is especially great for little ones that don’t quite understand numbers and writing.

Make it a family affair.  Set a good example! Get a workout video or online coach that you all can do together.  YouTube is a great resource for kid-friendly videos that are geared for both adults and kids.

Find a new activity.  While it’s not exactly long distance running, indoor games like bowling or ice skating are great ways to exercise while having fun!

Taking a few minutes to come up with some ideas as a family can make a huge difference for the months ahead!

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