Sunscreen time!

Summer means more time outdoors, and it definitely means time for sunscreen! More than 5 million people are diagnosed with some degree of skin cancer yearly, so it’s important to establish healthy habits in your kids so that they stay burn free and cancer free into adulthood.   Here are a few tips to avoid burns  and to make sure that you are incorporating lotion-ing up as a part of your routine.

  1. Insist on wearing sunscreen everyday, no matter the amount of time spent outdoors or clouds in the sky.  It’s always better to put on a layer of lotion than to risk a burn.  If you start making putting on sun screen a part of the morning routine, your children will be far more likely to remember to wear it.
  2. Buy the right stuff.  Purchase sunscreen that is labeled ‘Broad Spectrum’. This means that it will protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Apply often.  No sunscreen is 100% sweat or water proof.  It is extremely important to apply more frequently when your kids are sweating or wet, but still plan on a re-application at least every 2 hours, even when they are not being extra active.
  4. Use lotion and not spray.  Sprays may seem like a great idea for an even coating, but because they absorb so quickly, you might be missing spots.  By using a lotion, you can see exactly what areas have been covered and which have not.
  5. Stash sunscreen everywhere! Most places sell travel size tubes that are fairly low cost, and it’s a great way to guarantee that you will have some on hand.  Throw a tube in your glove box or purse as a reminder that it’s never the wrong time to apple an extra layer.

Now, got slap on a layer of SPF and have fun in the sun!

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