When to wear your running shoes

For the most part, adult age runners know one very basic rule- wear your current pair of running shoes for running only! It might seem like a waste for you kids to only use them for one sport, but there are a few reasons for such madness.

  1. Running shoes are specifically designed for forward motion.  Sports like soccer, basketball, and street/field hockey require forward movement but also a lot of side to side motion.  Running shoes will not provide the stability for the lateral moves needed to in some of those other sports.
  2. Forming habits.  Putting on running shoes for running, means that one is more apt to develop the habit of actually running.  Humans need about 21 repetitions of an activity before it becomes a habit (about 1 month), so in no time at all, you or your child could be starting a new healthy activity on the regular.
  3. Save money! Running shoes are expensive! Keeping them only for running related activities, will drastically prolong the life of the shoes.  With regular wear, shoes are meant to wear out around 300-500 miles, but if you hang on to them for running only, you’ll get far more out of the products.

In a nutshell, hang on to those kicks for running only! It’s important on so many levels and can even help to get your kids excited about training for their next HKRS race!

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