Rules of Buying Running Shoes

Running can be one of the cheapest sports that your kids can participate in, but you will still need to be prepared to purchase proper running shoes for your kiddos.  They might be try to convince you that lights and glitter will make them run faster, but here are a few tips to help you make better purchases…

  1. Buy shoes in the afternoon or evening- waiting until later in the day will ensure a better fit for your kid.  Morning shoe shopping might mean that you choose a slightly smaller size than your kid actually needs.
  2. Bring along the socks that your kid will be wearing on a day to day basis.  While the socks in the shoe store may be okay, the will make fluctuations in fit, and may not get you what you need.
  3. Have your kid run around in the shoes.  Just walking or sanding and feeling the position of their toes is not enough, make sure that they actually run to get a good feel.
  4. Take along your kid’s old shoes- a good shoe store employee will help to make suggestions about what type of shoe is best for your kiddo.
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