Resolutions Week 3

So, how are your resolutions sticking with 3 weeks into the new year? Still have them rolling along? Great! Need to get back on track a bit? No problem- the year is still young…here are a few tried and true strategies to get back to the plan you had a few weeks ago.

  1. Write it down! If you made a resolution earlier but never put it into writing, do it now! Is you goal to do more meal planning to save some money? Post a note on your fridge or microwave.  Trying to cut back on screen time? A post-it on your computer or TV might help to serve as a reminder.
  2. Tell your friends! Put some accountability on yourself outside of your immediate family.  We tend to get wrapped up in all of the day to day family drama that we might lose sight of the bigger picture.  Having a friend that can remind you, or even participate in a similar resolution might be a huge help.
  3. Visualize! If you are looking to put away a few dollars a week, find a large, clear plastic or glass jar that can show how your progress.  Want to run a set number of miles with your family? Put a Nickle or small trinket like a pebble or glass bead in a jar to create a visual aid.
  4. Track your journey.  If your family is looking to be more active, make a log on calendar.
  5. Stay positive! Resolutions are meant to ‘help’ make your life a little better or more fulfilled.  Resolutions can always be re-vamped at anytime.  Keep your eyes on the final goal, and don’t get too frustrated with the day to day! Each year is a journey, not a destination!
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