Desperately seeking Vitamin D

Ugh.  The grey days of winter are back again, and just like every year, we are definitely feeling it in the North East.  The lack of vitamin D can have a serious effect on moods, lethargy, bone and muscle health.  Since it’s very tough to get the proper amount of this vitamin, it’s a good idea to supplement with some food sources to keep up your spirits and health.

Fatty Fish- Salmon, herring and tuna are great sources of vitamin D.  A 4 ounce serving size of salmon can contain over 120% of your daily recommended dose.  Try our kid friendly lemon salmon burgers for an indoor treat.

Flax seeds- ground flax seeds, whole seeds, or oil can have  a huge nutritional impact with minimal amounts.  Flax is a great alternative for those that don’t like or can’t eat fish.  Ground flax can also be mixed with water to make an alternative binder for baking products.

Fortified foods- Orange juice, dairy and non-dairy milks, cereals, and even some breads are now available with added vitamin D.  Check the back labels and the ingredient list, or look online for products that can add a double nutritional punch.

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