Frozen Lunches to help you ‘Let it go…’

Yes, that is a reference to everyone’s favorite Disney movie.  Had to toss that one in there for a bit of comic relief from the cold and grey January days.  The holidays are over and we are in a perpetual state of cold and snow so it is time to take a little break from constant cooking and dirty dishes.  I try to make a bunch of meals in advance that I can pull out of the fridge for my kids so I can finally take a break from the everyday meal prep and here are a few tricks I have learned over the years…

Frozen PB and J- You will need a full loaf of whatever kind of bread your kids prefer, a jar of PB and a jar of jelly.  Slap PB on both pieces of bread all the way to the edges and then spread a layer of jelly.  Squish the sandwich together and wrap tightly in plastic wrap and freeze.  If your child’s lunch is not refrigerated during the day you can pull it right out of the freezer and put it in a lunch bag.

DIY lunchables- use small cookie cutters to slice cheese and lunch meat.  Pack in separate bags with crackers.  Boom. Lunchable magic achieved without all of the annoying plastic trays.

Breakfast for lunch- pack you kiddo a bowl of cereal and small container of milk, a piece of fruit, juice, and a small whole grain muffin. Maybe you’ll get really crazy and pack some turkey bacon in a small container too.  The choice is yours my friend.

Crescent rollups – squish out crescent roll dough on a countertop and join the seams.  Spread out slices of cooked ham and cheese, taco meat and shredded cheese, or whatever else your kids like and roll them up.  Slice and them bake the spirals for about 20 minutes at 375.  To freeze, allow to cool and then pop them right on the cookie sheet in the freezer until firm (about 2 hours).  Take them out, bag, and label and refreeze.  Your kids will love dunking them in toppings like quac, honey mustard, or low fat ranch dressing.  It’s a fun alternative to your regular sandwich.

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